AirRex Air Suspension Mercedes Benz CLS-Class C219

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  • Airex Air Suspension fits all Mercedes Benz CLS-Class C219 models
    Airrex systems feature a range of Sleeve, Bellow or multi link air suspension struts depending on your application. Every AirREX upper mount is CNC machined from 6061 aluminum and then hard anodised. High density polyurethane bushings and/or high performance bearings completes the package to ensure exact fitment and durability.

    Just like a coilover set up Airrex struts can be user adjusted for maximum drop or maximum comfort at driving height by simply loosening the lower lock collar and turning the damper + air spring assembly up or down.

    High durability 2-ply air springs help provide both a comfortable ride at driving height and maximum drop when aired out. The air springs are carefully chosen by AirREX engineers for each application to ensure correct spring rate and proper clearance for the vehicle.


    This is a wireless digital air management system designed for the ultimate ease of installation. Fully wired, plumbed, and leak tested and packaged in a enclosure no larger than a dual subwoofer box. Simply make two electrical and four air line connections and you are ready to roll.

    The AirREX Custom system is a wireless digital air management package designed for people who desires a more custom looking installation. The Control Unit, Solenoids, Compressor and Wiring Kit are provided for a modular installation.

    The AirREX Pressure Sensor Interface (PSI) is the next evolution in air ride pressure monitors. By utilising a high visibility LED display all four corners and tank pressure could be read at the same time. High accuracy low profile sensors and a compact display provide a wide array of mounting possibilities.