Bilstein Mercedes Benz M-Class W164 B3 Spring

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If you?re looking for quality, look no further.

By choosing BILSTEIN springs, you?re backing an uncontested champion: a successful motor sports fitter and a leading original equipment manufacturer of automotive springs.

The product benefits at a glance:

  • Innovative technical designs, such as Pigtail ends, Minibloc forms and central force design
  • High-quality chrome vanadium or chrome silicone steel for an extremely high level of break resistance
  • Seated after forming process to prevent heat losses
  • Careful surface compression and coating for a long service life
  • Uncompromising OEM quality

Miniblock miniblock coil spring

The product benefits at a glance:

  • The best possible production tolerances ensure that the coils fit inside one another with no contact
  • Use of a premium tapered wire for optimum suspension characteristics
  • Optimum, silent suspension on uneven ground and under heavy loads through barrel-type form

Side load springs

The product benefits at a glance:

  • Compensation of lateral forces occurring at the MacPherson strut on the front axle through curved form
  • Targeted relief of the piston rod at the shock absorber
  • Default Installation in ever more vehicles
Make Model Engine Year
MERCEDES-BENZ M-CLASS (W164) ML 280 CDI 4-matic 07/05/ - 07/09/
MERCEDES-BENZ M-CLASS (W164) ML 300 4-matic 03/10/ - On
MERCEDES-BENZ M-CLASS (W164) ML 300 CDI 4-matic 07/09/ - 12/11/
MERCEDES-BENZ M-CLASS (W164) ML 320 CDI 4-matic 09/06/ - 12/08/
MERCEDES-BENZ M-CLASS (W164) ML 350 4-matic 07/05/ - 12/11/
MERCEDES-BENZ M-CLASS (W164) ML 350 CDI 4-matic 09/09/ - 12/11/
MERCEDES-BENZ M-CLASS (W164) ML 420 CDI 4-matic 02/06/ - 09/09/
MERCEDES-BENZ M-CLASS (W164) ML 450 CDI 4-matic 09/09/ - 12/11/
MERCEDES-BENZ M-CLASS (W164) ML 450 Hybrid 4-matic 09/09/ - 12/11/
MERCEDES-BENZ M-CLASS (W164) ML 500 4-matic 09/05/ - 12/06/
MERCEDES-BENZ M-CLASS (W164) ML 63 AMG 4-matic 01/06/ - 12/11/