MTC MOTORSPORT Mercedes CLA45 Decat Downpipe 3.5” Exhaust and Mid Pipe

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MTC Motorsport Mercedes CLA45 AMG Stainless Steel Decat Downpipe Exhaust

The downpipes are machines from T-304 high-grade stainless steel and are tig welded in house to deliver the best quality. The flanges are also machined from T-304 stainless steel and are laser cut. It is 3.5” off the turbo and reduces down to 3 inch before the join to the mid pipe.The standard V band clamp onto the turbo and downpipe to mid pipe clamps work perfectly.

This will fit the following models:




The A45 downpipe is made of 3.5" stainless pipe straight out of the turbo providing a sharper throttle response due to faster spool of the turbo. This downpipe will provide noticeable power gains and a much more aggressive exhaust note which sounds truly amazing. It produces lower temperatures and less exhaust backpressure due to the relief of the turbocharger. The cylinder charge is increased which contributes to maximum performance. There is also a substantial weight saving in comparison to the factory catalytic converter. The decat is mandrel-bent for better gas flow and maximum internal size to ensure ultimate performance without the loss of mid-range torque. We have tested this product and found increases of around 18-20bhp. Professional installation is recommended as some exhausts sit slightly different from others and can be tight. We now also sell the 304 stainless steel Lambda Sensor Spacers to prevent the engine light coming on in most cases.