RENNtech R2 Performance Package for Mercedes-Benz S 600 W221

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The R2 performance package for the Mercedes 600 V12 engines is the next step up in performance from our R1 package.

The R2 Performance package includes all the components included in the previous package with the addition of our 3pc. full carbon fiber airbox kit, offering even more inlet air flow and better engine breathing at higher RPMs. The RENNtech airbox is more than just a stunning engine compartment accessory; it is a functional work of art crafted from the highest quality materials and finished in a brilliant clear coat for years of durability.

The R2 package combination provides huge increases horsepower, torque and throttle response across the vehicles entire powerband while still maintaining daily driver reliability.  


R2 performance package includes:

  • RENNtech ECU Upgrade
  • RENNtech TCU Upgrade
  • High Efficiency Intercooler Pump
  • RENNtech 3pc. Full Carbon Fiber Airbox


S 600 (W221) Stock Performance:

  • 510 HP / 612 LB-FT


Modified Performance:

  • 650 HP / 800 LB-FT