RENNtech R3 Performance Package for Mercedes Benz S 600 W220

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The R3 performance package is the ultimate performance upgrade for your 600 series Mercedes!

Our package 3 includes everything found in our performance package 2 plus our higher efficiency intercooler pump kit offering even more cooling, our 100% locking limited slip differential upgrade to improve handling and traction and our transmission performance upgrade which includes full transmission internal modifications for additional holding power without slippage.

This fierce combination will unleash the true potential of your V12 Mercedes and ensures you area able to transfer all your new found power to the ground!


R3 Performance Package includes:

  • RENNtech ECU Upgrade
  • RENNtech TCU Upgrade
  • 3pc. Full Carbon Fiber Airbox
  • RENNtech High Flow Intercooler Pump Kit
  • 100% Locking Differential
  • RENNtech Transmission Upgrade


S 600 (W220) Stock Performance:

  • 493 HP / 590 LB-FT


Modified Performance:

  • 650 HP / 800 LB-FT