Quicksilver Exhausts - Mercedes SL 65 AMG Black Series Only R230 Sport Rear Sections - Years 2008-11 - MM650S

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Our system removes the heavily baffled silencer boxes from each side and helps the gas flow exiting the car. This improves response, areas of weight related performance.

A straight through muscle rich note and more sporty performance. A louder sound track throughout with a truly wonderful howl at higher pro which is unique yet very appropriate to the AMG Black Series badge.

Our system retains the unique AMG 'style' tips to keep the look.


- An elitist race car loud sound.

- Made fromT304 Stainless Steel.

- Heatwrapped to assist in temperature transition.

- Improved throttle response.

- Very light weight, benefits all areas of performance.





24 kilos ~ 53 lbs

6.8 kilos ~ 15 lbs

17.2 kilos ~ 38 lbs