RENNtech Carbon Fiber Front Strut Brace Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG

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The RENNtech Front Strut Brace Stabilizer improves your vehicles responsiveness and high speed cornering capabilities. Especially in combination with our Turbo Upgrade, this feature improves the handling of your vehicle.

The construction features include reinforced eight point mounting brackets made out of aluminium. The customized crossbar is made out of high-performance carbon fiber to minimize flexing between the vehicles strut towers. Titanium bolts are used to mount the Strut Brace to the top of the strut towers.

The RENNtech Sturt Brace is custom made for the Mercedes-Benz 45 AMG Line-Up, the 117 - CLA 45 AMG, 176 - A 45 AMG and 156 - GLA 45 AMG.



  • 117 -  CLA 45 AMG
  • 176 - A 45 AMG
  • 156 - GLA 45 AMG